Offsite Web Server - Security and Reliability

The WSAC web server and database are cloud hosted at one of our three locations across the US. Databases are backed up daily keeping your billing and tenant details secure. SSL encryption is employed for your browsers as an additinal safeguard.

A small computer provided by Matter Systems is located on your site and periodically polls the database for user service requests. This computer has no monitor or keyboard and acts as the gateway to your building's automation system. No inbound internet ports on your building's network need to be opened.

The optional telephone voice interface is also hosted in the cloud with your local area code. A traditional landline is not required.

shows a rack webserver

24/7 Tenant Access

Tenants manage their own users and make requests via traditional web browsers. A smart phone interface provides rapid data entry for service requests. There is no limit to the number of tenants or users on a network. A tenant can control multiple floors and assign users as required.

Tenants using the optional telephone voice interface are guided by prompts like "Press one for your first floor suites, or press two for your second floor suites."

Building staff can create non-billable accounts for janatorial crews or daily occupied HVAC and lighting.

Use WSAC as a web interface for an older automation system's daily schedules.

shows the job creation dialog

Invoice Billable Runtime

Configure hourly rates for runtime accrued outside of normal building operating hours. Each billable zone can have its own hourly rate.

Assign building holidays that make all runtime billable during the holiday period.

A simple discount feature allows a fixed dollar amount to be applied to a tenant's monthly invoice.

shows a service invoice

WSAC Monthly Cost

The Web Smart Air™ Cloud Service costs $350 per month. There is no limit to the number of users, tenants or switched zones. WSAC communicates with control points on a single network via BACnet™/IP. Contact Matter Systems for information regarding interfacing to other non-BACnet™ Systems.

The telephone voice interface is an additional $19 per month. An automatic emailed invoice service is available for an additional $19 per month. There is a one time startup fee to Matter Systems of $499.

Matter Systems recommends you have your local automation system contractor assist with setup. You may need additional control points and programming to accomodate after-hours requests. The cost of this service is directly payable to your contractor. You must also provide an internet connection for the WSAC gateway computer.

Some Current Web Smart Air™ Users

Tishman Speyer   •   Hudson Pacific Properties  •  Lincoln Property Company
Douglas Emmett LLC  •  Riverrock Real Estate Group  •  CBRE  •  Cousins Properties
Lantana  •  Cushman & Wakefield  •  Worthe Real Estate Group  •  Marcent Florida, Inc.
Jamestown Urban Management LLC  •  L&B Realty Advisors, LLP  •  Harvest Properties
Coreland Companies  •  Research Management Corporation  •  Argonnne National Laboratory
Jones Lang LaSalle  •  Hines

Contact Matter Systems

Please call John at Matter Systems with any sales or technical questions about the Web Smart Air™ Cloud Service or to arrange an online demo.
We can also provide pricing for the self hosted stand-alone version of Web Smart Air™ with no monthly fees.

voice: (951) 544-8337